The birth of

Hi, We’re very glad to find you here. This is the story of how came to be.

When we first started to think about our professional assignment project topic in March 2011, we had some ideas about getting into research about taping, low back pain or exercise adherence and also thought of dissecting a few knees. After some exploration and hitting of walls, we came up with an idea of developing a tool to support PTs in their assessment procedures in orthopaedic cases. We spoke with one of our professors who approached us with the idea of the HOAC II. We got hold of the article by Rothstein et al. (2003), read it (read: saw the algorithms) and found every single cell of our bodies to completely reject the idea. In comparison to our original ideas, it just seemed a little dry.

We brainstormed some more. We wanted our project to have practical relevance and to be applicable to every day work of a PT. Well, the HOAC II must have stayed in the back of our minds as is where we have ended. And we’re very happy about that. The project didn’t end up being dry at all – very much the opposite. We began by making a pen and paper version of our vision for the website. You can check out the video here.

It seemed like a do-able project although we weren’t really sure how exactly we would get to the end – but we had great plans and that’s what mattered. The plans developed in our minds over the summer and we found ourselves reading up on everything to do with the topic, drawing sketches that would become the Canvas and dreaming of all the possibilities a website could offer.

As the result of litres of coffee, countless sleepless nights, many more sketches and even more lines of code, as our teacher Jan-Jaap Voigt calls it, the baby was born.

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